Antioxidant Endorphin Rush Serum
Apply Before Workouts To Protect Skin 

Helps To Prevent Breakouts From Exercise
and Promotes Healthier Skin. 

The first of its kind.

The only serum formulated to apply on your skin
before exercise activity to prevent acne
caused by exercise and enhances a healthy skin tone.

High concentration of carefully chosen natural antioxidants.

Effective method of combating skin ailments from workouts and sports activity. 

Works its way into your pores as your body heat rises without clogging pores.

$31.99 4 fl. oz.

Skin Type:

Normal, oily, combination, dry, mature.
For face and body.


Apply small amount to clean skin before exercise.
Apply sunscreen for outdoor sports activity. 

Wash your skin after exercise with the Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser.

Cleanse skin after workout within
30 minutes for best results.
For external use only. 

Additional Benefits:

Helps protect skin from cell damage with peptides (Colihibin) and antioxidants.
Encourages a healthier complexion by protecting barrier of skin from bacteria.

Organic Ingredients:

*Watermelon Extract, *Green Tea Extract, *Wheat Germ Extract, *Colihibin, *Rose Hip Extract, *Ginko Biloba, *Lemon & Eucalyptus Essential Oils, Xanthum Gum. Organic.
Light natural scent of Lemon & Eucalyptus. Paraben & Alcohol free. 
One year shelf life. Discard unused portion.

"Konniochiwa from Japan. Thank you for your perfect services. I am very happy and enjoy using the Antioxidant Endorphin Rush Serum as we don't have product like this in my country. As a fitness person I have been waiting for this kind of product. I will be using much more Motion Medica and I enjoy the Stellar Performance Cleanser also. Thank you Sandy!" - Midori Mamiya/Personal Trainer- Kitahoma Japan.

"Prepping for my big track & gym workout. Can't leave home without my Motion Medica Antioxidant Endorphin Rush Serum. Love my skin Sandy". - Monica Brant Professional Fitness Figure

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